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2014 Fan Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Host Kevin Negandhi with inductee Mary Mollerberg at the 2014 Fan Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at ESPN’s Bristol campus.

(Nick Caito/ESPN Images)
(Nick Caito/ESPN Images)

On Wednesday, ESPN hosted its third annual Fan Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Bristol, Conn., headquarters. Moderated by SportsCenter anchor Kevin Neghandi, the event honored three remarkable fans with their names engraved above three stadium chairs on the lawn of ESPN’s campus.

The inductees include: Ohio State University fan “John Buck-I-Guy” Chubb, Army Athletics fan Daniel Ragsdale aka “Crazy Colonel,” and Mary Mollerberg, a lifelong 103-year-old Boston Red Sox devotee. Upon receiving their trophies – replicas of the stadium chairs – each inductee spoke, sharing heartfelt stories of their dedication.

Kristen Wotherspoon, Mollerberg’s great-granddaughter, said her great-grandmother had so many memories, but one in particular stood out. As a teenager, Mollerberg would sneak out to watch the local kids play baseball. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she wasn’t just watching any local kid, but a young Babe Ruth.

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