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ESPN nets five “Salute To Excellence” awards at NABJ Convention

ESPN’s winning entries in NABJ’s 2015 “Salute To Excellence” Awards

ESPN’s journalism was honored by the National Association of Black Journalists in the following categories.

Outside The Lines: “College Athletes & Mental Health: Sasha’s Story
Tom Farrey, Nicole Noren, Tim Hays, Chris Buckle, Dwayne Bray

Sterling Shepard: Son of a Sooner
Victor Vitarelli, Jon Fish, Tom Rinaldi

ESPN The Magazine: The Pursuit Of Radical Acceptance
Marin Cogan

ESPN The Magazine: “Return Specialist
Cord Jefferson

“Outside the Lines and The Sporting Life: “Roberts Rules
Kelly Naqi, William Weinbaum, Carolyn Hong, Dwayne Bray, Kelly Rohrer

This past weekend in Minneapolis, ESPN won five “2015 Salute to Excellence Awards” at the National Association of Black Journalists’ 40th annual convention.

The winners included two for ESPN television, two for ESPN The Magazine and one for ESPN Radio.

“Overall, I thought NABJ turned out to be a great week for ESPN,” said Galen Gordon, coordinating producer, SportsCenter and Vice President, Broadcast, for the organization’s Sports Task Force. “It started with the announcement of Stuart Scott’s posthumous induction [this December] into the Hall of Fame and culminated with the five multi-platform awards ESPN took home at the Salute to Excellence dinner Saturday night.”

Gordon, Deputy Editor, Premium Content, Otto Strong and feature producer Sharon Matthews accepted the various awards on behalf of their ESPN colleagues.

The awards gala was held in the Minneapolis Convention Center, adjacent to the Hilton Hotel that served as headquarters for the NABJ’s 40th annual convention. About 2,000 veteran and aspiring journalists, students, employers and recruiters attended the convention and career fair. ESPN employees also were panelists and participants in various career development seminars.

“I can’t say enough good things about ESPN,” said Bob Butler, who completed his two-year tenure as the NABJ’s 20th president.

“ESPN is one of our strongest supporters, along with The Walt Disney Company, ABC News, ABC television stations which also have a huge presence at our convention every year.”

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