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ESPN Deportes revamps Miami newsroom, unveils Latino sports hero backdrop

In the midst of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, ESPN revamped its Miami newsroom bureau with a GlowPoint camera that enhances the live hits and reporting produced from the studios in Coral Gables, Fla., along with a special backdrop that celebrates Latinos in sports.

Edgardo Mattei, ESPN coordinating producer in Miami explains: “Miami is an important market for our domestic and international businesses and this new space, along with the GlowPoint camera in the center of our newsroom, will allow all ESPN entities – including special guests, those reporters who visit on assignment or those who are based here – to produce live or recorded hits with the same look and technology used across all major ESPN studios. We incorporated Latino athletes that have had an impact in a variety of sports as the backdrop because it showcases the diversity of Miami and our audiences.”

The Kansas City versus Green Bay game tonight on Monday Night Football (ESPN, ESPN Deportes, 8:30 p.m.) is part of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.

Sebastian Christensen, ESPN Deportes reporter, uses the new bureau for the first time. A variety of Latino athletes serve as backdrop for the shot.

(Edgardo Mattei/ESPN)
(Guli Corradetti – Nestor Cora/ESPN)
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