12 hours of The Greatest: SportsCenter’s initial Ali coverage

When ESPN and SportsCenter’s coverage of the death of Muhammad Ali began just before 12:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, it set in motion a constant flow of news and information across all ESPN entities, anchored by SportsCenter’s ongoing interviews, live reporting and analysis from all corners of the sports world and beyond.

SportsCenter was commercial-free from its first report at 12:28 a.m. until 4:14 a.m., 14 minutes shy of four, uninterrupted news coverage hours.

The initial 12 hours of that incredible orchestration of prepared pieces and live, spontaneous moments is reflected in the 60-slide gallery above.

SportsCenter’s breaking news coverage is a representation of what continues to be happening on, ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, ESPN’s International networks and websites and throughout the Disney family with ABC’s extensive coverage. All entities will have continuing coverage throughout the week, with frequent updates here at Front Row.

Dave Williams contributed to this post.

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