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Little League teams’ appearances on ESPN’s SNB

5/29/2016: Sunday Night Baseball analyst Jessica Mendoza hosts a segment with the New York Mets Michael Conforto and Parkchester Little League at Citi Field.

SNB - 5.29 - Citi Field - Parkchester Little League - Michael Conforto

Beginning in the 2015 season, ESPN and MLB featured a local Little League team on Baseball Tonight: Sunday Night Countdown. It was part of the initiative to increase participation at the youth level.

Ten teams and their coaches were given the opportunity to meet and receive instruction from MLB players during the 2016 season. The teams were also interviewed by ESPN MLB commentators before watching the game from their seats. Front Row looks back at a few of those teams in this gallery.

Editor’s Note: Coverage of the Little League World continues today with five games on ESPN beginning at 11 a.m. ET. The Little League World Series Championship will take place Sunday at 3 p.m. on ABC. See the complete Williamsport schedule on ESPN MediaZone.

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