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Favorite shows hit the road via ESPN Radio remotes

Highlights of ESPN Radio’s road schedule

  • Live podcasts: “We recently launched a series of live podcast events, including a live Fantasy Focus Football production in Boston, where we had a live proposal on stage. It takes a dedicated fan to make the decision to download a podcast and become a regular listener, but to take a typically independent experience of listening to a favorite podcast and creating a community experience through a live event – that’s been really special to watch.”
  • Russillo & Kanell Fall Football Tour: “We had an incredible kickoff to the 2016 Fall Football Tour with Russillo & Kanell on the road. We had more than 400 fans come out in Madison, Wis., and nearly 500 fans in Tallahassee, Fla., the largest Russillo & Kanell crowd we’ve ever had. We’ve been proud to ramp up our social coverage so those who can’t join us in person are still sharing exclusive, behind-the-scenes experiences with the guys.”
  • ESPN Radio College GameDay: “Our annual ESPN Radio College GameDay tour has been entertaining tons of fans each week. That team has everything down to such a science, from the content and staging to branding and fan engagement, and it’s great to see them broadcast from the road eight times over the course of the season.”
  • From Oct. 14–Nov. 16, ESPN Radio will have done 11 shows on the road, for a total of 17 remote broadcasts this Fall – three more than last year.

    Mike & Mike, Russillo & Kanell, ESPN Radio College GameDay and more have broadcasted live from locations including Chicago (in advance of Game 3 of the World Series), FSU’s Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Fla., and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., ensuring that ESPN Radio is bringing its signature shows to fans in key markets.

    Front Row caught up with Elizabeth Paige Fierman, manager, ESPN Radio event marketing, on the ambitious schedule and the logistics to consider when putting it all together.

    How far in advance do you start planning for these productions?
    It depends on the event, but typically 2-3 months out. Of course, some opportunities come up on a much shorter timeline, but that window of 8-12 weeks is ideal.

    What do you have to consider when looking at sites for the broadcasts?
    There are so many factors. Our priorities include foot traffic and the best positioning for fan engagement, venues with strong ESPN Radio affiliate relationships, unique branding and sponsorship opportunities on site, the best content plays for the show, the overall aesthetic and how open the venue is to welcoming us through their doors for a day or two. The best events stem from the cities and hosts that check all those boxes.

    For an event like Mike & Mike in Chicago, that came together fairly quickly. How did you get that done in such a short amount of time?
    It was on everyone’s radar for some time, but a lot of the planning details couldn’t be finalized until much closer to the event and the World Series teams were determined. A similar situation arose when Mike & Mike went to the NBA Finals in Cleveland this past June. For Mike & Mike in Chicago on Friday for Game 3 of the World Series, the venue and planning efforts were led by Justine DeLuco [Director of Production and Events for ESPN2] and the ESPN2 Production & Events team with strong partnership from our radio partners at ESPN Chicago.

    Upcoming ESPN Radio Remotes schedule

    Nov. 1The Bill Barnwell Show podcastSeattle
    Nov. 4Russillo & KanellBaton Rouge, La.
    Nov. 5ESPN Radio’s College GameDayTiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, La.
    Nov. 12ESPN Radio’s College GameDayHusky Stadium, Seattle
    Nov. 16Fantasy Focus Football podcastPhiladelphia
    Nov. 30The Bill Barnwell Show podcastChicago
    Nov./Dec. 2016ESPN Radio’s College GameDayTBD
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