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David Ross does double duty, prepping for WNB debut, DWTS

David Ross (second from left) welcomes ESPN’s (on right, L-R) Jon Sciambi, Aaron Boone and producer Andy Jacobson to Ross’ dance rehearsal with Lindsay Arnold (L) in St. Louis.

(Kelly Carey/ESPN)

David Ross, curse-breaker, two-time World Series champ and Dancing with the Stars finalist makes his ESPN analyst debut tonight on Wednesday Night Baseball. One of Ross’ former teams, the Boston Red Sox, will visit the St. Louis Cardinals at 8 p.m. ET. (The telecast is subject to local blackout in St. Louis).

Ross’ DWTS partner Lindsay Arnold made the trip to St. Louis so they could keep up with their rigorous practice schedule. Ross’ ESPN booth-mates Jon Sciambi and Aaron Boone paid Ross and Arnold a visit to get in on the fun. Ross and Arnold still are in the running to win the DWTS title; the final performances of the season air on ABC on Monday, May 22 (8 p.m. ET) and the winning tandem will be announced the following night, May 23.

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