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“Team Player”: Dianna Russini with Seth Horwitz

They have worked “together” on her assignments all season, but Dianna Russini just met producer Seth Horwitz this week. (Gianina Thompson/ESPN)

Front Row’s “Team Player” series hits the gridiron this week with ESPN NFL reporter Dianna Russini, who is shining the spotlight on ESPN segment producer Seth Horwitz – her right-hand man on NFL Sundays.

While Russini is on assignment, Horwitz is back at ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., campus providing her with the best content from her various interviews on game day, helping her prepare for live reports, and much more. Ironically, despite working together all season, Russini and Horwitz met for the first time this week!

Seth Horwitz on working with ESPN NFL Reporter Dianna Russini:
“I really like and respect the passion Dianna brings to the job. Her ability to connect with athletes is very impressive. Her weekly segments with [New Orleans Saints stars] Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara are so entertaining and that is a testament to Dianna’s interviewing skills. NFL Sundays are all about trying to find unique sound that will connect with viewers. Dianna is able to bring out the best in athletes. Supporting her back in Bristol is a treat and something I look forward to every week.”

This Sunday, Dec.10, she will be on assignment for Sunday NFL Countdown (10 a.m. ET) covering the Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs game.

What makes Horwitz successful in his role?
His diligence and speed. Most people don’t realize that after an NFL game there is so much to do in a short amount of time. I don’t actually see Seth working back in Bristol but I picture him having so much vigor and poise to get all of the information I send back logged. Usually within 15 minutes of my interviews I have them logged and sent back to me in the field. He evens boldfaces parts of the interviews that were strong for television.

Describe a time when Horwitz went above and beyond to help you.
Picture this, I’m walking down Bourbon Street and I get lost. I ask this group of guys that were from Chicago if they could help me find my way. We spark up a conversation about the Bears and Saints. One of the guys says “my friend works at ESPN, his name is Seth Horwitz.” I was so excited to tell his friend how important he is in my life on Sundays. I made sure he texted him to let him know how much we appreciate him in the field. I hope he understands that he’s my MVP every Sunday.

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