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ESPN’s Inspiring Women Series: Meet Gisela Leyva

In 2004, she moved from Lima to Bristol to further her career and she has "Peru-ven" to be a tremendous asset

(Illustration: Rachel Siegal; Photo: Melissa Rawlins/ESPN Images)

EDITOR’S NOTE: In honor of Women’s History Month, ESPN Images and ESPN Internal Communications asked ESPN employees to nominate colleagues who inspired them. From hundreds of nominations, seven women were selected to share their stories in a series entitled “In Her Shoes.” Throughout March, Front Row will publish these profiles accompanied by Images’ photos. In this installment in the series, 14-year employee Gisela Leyva, coordinating producer, ESPN International and ESPN Deportes, explains what it means to be “In Her Shoes.”

What is your proudest moment at work this past year?
Recognition by my peers feels extremely good. It’s a sign that I am doing something right! My proudest moment doesn’t live in me per se. When you step out from a truck after 14 hours and you say thank you to your crew, that is a proud moment. In June, I am looking forward to leading my 13th UEFA Champions League Final. When your VP tells you that you are an important part of the Pan American Games operation, that is a proud moment. When the friend you met almost 25 years ago and now is a three-time Grammy winner [Gian Marco] remembers you and says thanks for pushing for me to compose and sing ESPN’s 2019 Pan American Games theme song, that is a proud moment. When out of nowhere you get a note saying thank you for trusting me, that is a proud moment.

Melissa Rawlins and Joe Faraoni contributed to this post.

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