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Coast-To-Coast Connection: Reporting Ravens At Rams Tonight Resonates With Salters

Monday Night Football's sideline reporter is a longtime Baltimore resident but spent several years as an ABC News reporter in Los Angeles

Before she joined ESPN in 2000, Lisa Salters worked as a reporter for ABC News in Los Angeles for the latter part of the 1990s. (ABC Photo Archives)

With the Los Angeles Rams hosting the Baltimore Ravens tonight on Monday Night Football (8 p.m. ET, ESPN), sideline reporter Lisa Salters is particularly excited for the assignment because of her connection to both cities.

Salters has lived in Baltimore since 2012. It’s also the city where she worked her first television job after attending Penn State; Salters was a 22-year-old reporter trainee at WBAL, the local NBC affiliate. After seven years with WBAL, Salters was hired by ABC News in 1995, which relocated her to Los Angeles until she joined ESPN in 2000.

As ABC NewsOne’s West Coast correspondent, Salters covered a variety of major news stories – the O.J. Simpson criminal and civil trials, the Oklahoma City bombings, the crash of TWA flight 800 and more, doing live reports for affiliates around the country.

“Ravens fans are so excited about their birds and about Lamar . . . The city is definitely 100 percent ‘all-in’ on the Ravens and Lamar Jackson. – MNF sideline reporter – and Baltimore resident – Lisa Salters

In her nine seasons on MNF, Salters has returned to LA for an NFL game just one time – last year’s record-setting Chiefs-Rams telecast, while making plenty of regular visits for NBA game assignments.

“By far, what I loved most about living in LA was the weather,” said Salters. “I lived three blocks from the ocean in Playa del Rey — and I loved walking to get the newspaper in my driveway every morning … in bare feet!”

Salters will cover Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson tonight for the first time this season, though she has been closely observing his MVP-caliber performance all year as a Baltimore resident.

“Ravens fans are so excited about their birds and about Lamar,” said Salters. “Because they’ve been such a defensive-minded team for so long, I think this is all new territory and so, in many ways, people don’t really know how to act right now. But the city is definitely 100 percent ‘all-in’ on the Ravens and Lamar Jackson.”

Lisa Salters interviews Jared Goff (16) of the Los Angeles Rams. (Phil Ellsworth/ESPN Images)
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