Molly Mita

I am the senior publicist for news content, working on Outside The Lines and SportsCenter. I grew up in Philadelphia so I learned at a young age to love the Eagles, cheesesteaks “wit wiz," and the Rocky movies. I graduated from Loyola University Maryland with a degree in communications before entering into the sports television world at The NFL Today Show on CBS and Sunday Night Football on NBC. I later took my love for football to the NFL with the Detroit Lions and The Baltimore Ravens. I patiently waited 23 years for an Eagles Super Bowl championship; although I am still waiting, The 2012 Baltimore Ravens gave me both a championship and a Super Bowl ring! The Eagles will always be my team but the Ravens forever have a place in my heart (and on my right-hand ring finger). I am so excited to continue my journey at ESPN with the best people in the business!

Who Is Behind The Illustrations Of E:60’s “Tell Me A Story” Segments?

Leon Belt's drawings "make a story more fun and easier to understand. He’s able to make a far-fetched story more…
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Sadly, Parkland familiar ground for E:60 senior producer Khodabakhshian

E:60 followed the Stoneman Douglas HS football team during its first season after the Parkland, Fla., shootings. Producer Martin Khodabakhshian…
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“I’d be lying if I said it isn’t cool to have an NFL player and future Hall of Famer track a piece you’ve written”

Reporter Jen Lada previews "The Brotherhood," her "Postseason NFL Countdown" (Sunday, 10 a.m. ET, ESPN) feature narrated by Drew Brees…
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Russini sees Pro Bowl assignment as opportunity to build on relationships

While the season can be hectic, NFL reporter Dianna Russini views the Pro Bowl as an opportunity to connect with…
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“. . . I Can’t Wait To Share The Stories And Background Of This Sport With A New Audience”’s Brett Okamoto discusses covering MMA ahead of the debut of UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ and names the ESPN…
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Huddle up: Go inside the storytelling featured on Postseason NFL Countdown this weekend

ESPN's reporters, analysts and producers tackle the NFL divisional playoffs with interesting angles on Brees, Foles, Donald, Goff and more.
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Drehs Seeks Out The Wisdom of (Larry) Wisdom to Nail Nagy Story

Larry Wisdom was once Matt Nagy’s boss at a construction company. But as Wayne Drehs reveals in his profile of…
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How Did Marty Smith Sustain A Facial Cut At Clemson? Nobody Nose

"My wife often makes fun of my klutziness. This is not atypical. It’s a very Marty ordeal.” - Marty Smith

Eight of the most impactful pieces from ESPN’s storytellers in 2018

As we look back on the incredible impact ESPN journalists have made in the last year, Front Row pulled together…
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” . . . There’s just a growing desire to know more about where our food comes from and how it’s prepared”

What elements went inside ESPN investigative reporter Paula Lavigne's latest feature about the health quality of stadium food?
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Cautious approach, human touch: ESPN writers on mental health in sports profiles

Although writing on similar topics, ESPN writers Molly Knight and Liz Merrill had to take slightly different approaches on a…
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Text Football: Reporters Exchange Messages On ESPN The Mag Goff-Mahomes Cover Stories

Seth Wickersham and Tim Keown exchange text messages about their respective cover stories featured in the latest dual-cover issue of…
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E:60’s “Hailey’s Hand” is pitch perfect

Young Hailey Dawson, from Henderson, Nev., is featured on this week's E:60, where the incredible story of her robotic hand…
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“Tyler’s strength, his faith, his fandom and his sense of humor are all remarkable.”

College GameDay's (Saturday, 9 a.m. ET, ESPN) Tom Rinaldi discusses his reporting on Purdue fan Tyler Trent's battle with cancer.
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ESPN’s Shelley Smith is a teacher, a reporter and so much more

Versatile reporter Shelley Smith recently returned to ESPN after a two-month hiatus. Between covering the NFL and teaching at USC,…