The Masters


“I love the place, but I love the work I get to do and what it means that week”


Meet ESPN’s Masters Iron(s) Man: Veteran Producer Tom Engle


Part 2: Countdown to Christmas Eve’s ‘SportsCenter Presents: 2020 – Heroes, History and Hope’

The Undefeated

‘What I tried to do was pull from my experiences and approach the subject matter with sensitivity . . .’

College GameDay

From Fargo To Fairways: College GameDay Makes New Memories At the Masters


“It’s incredibly important to stay connected with fans and be there for them . . .”


“I love the way the record turned out, and working with the team at ESPN has been really lovely”


ESPN Delivered A Wide World Of Live Sports Productions This Weekend

Journalism Showcase

Practice makes perfect when pros are home on the range

Executive Voice

“. . . It’s the special weekends like this one where ESPN proves just how meaningful it is in sports fans’ lives.”


From FORE! to Forearm Shiver: “America’s Caddie” discovers three qualities golf, wrestling share

Inside ESPN

It’s an assignment like no other: the Masters

Watch This

ESPN’s Smith, singer Horan hit high notes at the Masters


SportsCenter’s Barrie relishes opportunity to cover his first U.S. Open

Team Player

“Team Player”: Sage Steele with Tom Engle

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