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Schwab’s collection: No. 2 seed


No. 2 seed: Penn-St. John’s ticket autographed by Magic Johnson

ESPN’s Howie Schwab has collected his share of gear over the years. Before Schwab left to attend the Men’s Final Four in Houston, Front Row asked him to share his four favorite college basketball-related items.

His No. 2 seed relates to an NCAA Elite Eight game in 1979 in Greensboro, N.C. St. John’s student Schwab made the trek south with the hope of witnessing his team’s clinching a Final Four berth.

“We lost to Penn, but this still was an amazing experience,” he recalled. “This was my freshman year in college in 1979. For 10 dollars, you sat down near the court. Had St. John’s won, they would have played Magic Johnson and Michigan State in the Final Four in Salt Lake City. It was a 13-hour bus ride from St. John’s to Greensboro, N.C. but it was just so much fun.”

Years later, he asked Magic to autograph the ticket. Magic obliged. That ticket, like some others he cherishes, Schwab carries with him always.

Last week, we brought you seeds Nos. 4 and 3. Soon, we’ll reveal his favorite collectible.

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