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Be very scared of the UNITE Halloween Howloween special

UNITE’S Marianela Pereya with a crew member.

When the clock strikes midnight, and your face is smeared with evidence that you did in fact eat every piece of candy that you were supposed to be offering trick or treaters, ESPNU has one last treat — a UNITE #HOWLoween special. Yes, that’s right, it’s about time we made some use of that howling wolf logo of ours.

Marianela Pereyra hit the road this week to get the scoop on the Tide and the Tigers before the second Armageddon (what’s more Halloween than the end of the world?) and left Reese Waters, Danny Kanell and DJ Rob Swift to man the show by themselves. That alone might explain why the set will so accurately depict a frat house tonight.

The UNITE crew will be doing what it does best, celebrating animal mascots and the college fans they serve with an Animal House-themed show complete with a set transformation and togas for all. We caught up with Danny, Reese, Marianela and DJ Rob before they made their national toga debut to talk about an ESPN Halloween.

What is your favorite Halloween costume memory?
Reese: Joe Theismann (see picture)

Reese Waters as Joe Theismann.

DJ Rob Swift: The Spiderman getup I wore in the fifth grade; unfortunately no pictures, you’ll just have to trust me that it was epic.
Danny: Last year I was the Honey Badger on Palmer & Pollack. (see video below)

What ESPN commentator would you most like to dress up as?
Marianela: Lee Corso. I love him! For being one of the oldest, he knows how to have the most fun. What an idol.
Reese: Sage Steele. I came in as her once last month and no one seemed to notice. Also would like Scott Van Pelt, but I know from experience that stilts are no fun.
DJ Rob Swift: Herm Edwards: “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!”
Danny: Chris Berman attempting to golf.

Which ESPN studio set would be the best to trick-or-treat at?
Reese: The one in LA. . . because I would be in LA.
DJ Rob Swift: NFL Countdown, my favorite sports show. Wait, can I say UNITE?
Marianela: Trick-or-treating happens nightly on the set of UNITE thanks to our very own Reese Waters. He has a bag of treats that he brings with him every night (along with 14 cavities . . . Danny is catching up!) Boy, do those two love candy!

Have you ever worn a toga before?
Reese: Have you seen me? I stay away from togas for the good of society.
Marianela: I wore a toga once in Oregon for the Nike toga run. A bit too plain for my style.

UNITE Halloween theme ideas that didn’t make the cut this year?
Reese: Magic Mike, unfortunately, the Disney health plan doesn’t cover supplements.
Marianela: We were going to pull off the cast of Jersey Shore on UNITE, but Reese didn’t want to be Snookie. It would have been epic. Instead I hit the road and became a zombie with former LSU O-Lineman T-Bob Hebert at the scariest Haunted House in the land. The 13th gate! T-Bob is the Incredible Hulk of Zombies!

Tweet your best sports themed Halloween costumes to @UNITE tonight #HOWLoween.

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