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What’s on Adam Schefter’s shelf?

With the popularity of John Clayton’s now famous This is SportsCenter spot, we thought we’d shed some light on NFL Insider Adam Schefter and his home office.

Schefter, like a handful of other ESPN experts, has a camera in his house in New York so he can be ready at a moment’s notice to break news or report on a top NFL story for SportsCenter or one of ESPN’s many NFL shows.

Instead of having a generic blue backdrop behind him, Schefter uses the actual bookcase in his home. Below are some of the pieces of memorabilia and other items of interest in Schefter’s own words:

1. University of Michigan helmet – “Have to represent my school. One of my college roommates gave it to me to put up, and since then it has gotten a lot of attention — mostly from Michigan people, but also from Ohio State.”

2. Books – “The shelves are filled with a variety of books, some of the ones I was fortunate enough to author. But it’s the only time my books ever can be mentioned in the company of some of the all-time great books and writers who I have so much respect and admiration for.”

3. Texans and Falcons helmets – “I always rotate in the teams that are playing that Thursday or Monday night, or teams that are in the headlines. In this case, the Texans and Falcons are the NFL’s lone remaining unbeaten teams, so it’s their day to be up. But the Saints helmet was up practically the whole offseason.”

4. Wedding photo – “A happy wife is a happy life. I do have other photos there, too, of family, friends, etc. I’m very proud of them all and like to show them off whenever possible.”

5. Football – “[St. Louis Rams head coach] Jeff Fisher and [Cincinnati Bengals head coach] Marvin Lewis both sent me game balls when my wife and I had our daughter with her name inscribed on it. Very classy of them.”

6. PTI photo – “Co-hosts Tony [Kornheiser] and Mike [Wilbon] gave me an autographed picture, and Tony wants it up, and I like Tony, so I do what he tells me.”

3 thoughts on “What’s on Adam Schefter’s shelf?”

  1. Adam seems to me to be one of the purest souls in the world of sports. He’s one of those people I always enjoy hearing insight from and always trust. He also seems like the kind of gentleman that if you ran into him at a restaurant or anywhere you could without hesitation say, “Hey, Adam” and feel like that simple greeting is received and appreciated. One thing recently that had me believing in him so much was when he wished Chuck Pagano a happy birthday after he was just admitted to the hospital. It goes to show how thoughtful of a person he is and wants the world to know how much he cares for everyone in it.

    Adam, if you read this, I wish you and your family all the best in life. As I’m sure you’ve always been the great human being you are, never change a thing. You inspire young men like myself to follow our dreams while staying true to ourselves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you’ve done for us fans in your career and please continue the greatness you embody.


  2. That’s cool inside information. Was actually expecting him to discuss his favorite books. Never really thought about the helmets (Texans and Falcons). I knew about the Michigan one though.

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