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Off Camera with. . .Barak Fever

Barak Fever (Rich Arden / ESPN Images)
Barak Fever (Rich Arden / ESPN Images)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to Off Camera with. . ., a Front Row series that introduces you to some of the studio anchors and hosts who have recently joined ESPN. Today, we meet Barak Fever, who joined ESPN in 2010 as an analyst for Fútbol Picante and Los Capitanes. In January 2013, he moved to Bristol to co-host #Redes, ESPN Deportes and ESPN International’s social media-driven sports and entertainment show, along with Carolina Guillen and Alfredo Lomeli. He also appears regularly on ESPN Deportes’ morning soccer show Raza Deportiva.

How did you choose your profession? I always knew I wanted to devote myself to this profession. I started my path at the age of 14 when I sent a letter to the editor of a soccer magazine asking him to let me work on it. To my surprise, three weeks later, I received a call from him. He asked me to send him an article on any topic and actually published it. That’s where the story began…

Favorite sports moment: Paris 2006, Rome 2009 and London 2011: the three times I was able to see Barcelona win the Champions League. I am devoted to this team. As a child, this team made me cry with anger, and as an adult, it has made me weep with emotion.

Favorite place to travel: I was born in Israel, so I can go back every five years or so to see my father’s family. I’m happy every time I have the chance to go.

Favorite hobby: You could say my job already is my hobby! The rest of the time is dedicated to my daughter Judith (5 years old) and whatever she wants to do, whether that means playing at home or on the playground.

Best advice you ever received: “And as they did not know that it was impossible, they did it.” It is a saying by an anonymous genius, without which we could not explain our progress as individuals and society.

One book everyone should read: “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. Whenever I forget the story, I read it again from a different perspective or language.

Something we don’t know about you: I play fantasy soccer. A couple of years ago, I was seventh in the world in the Champions League Fantasy League, and now, in my debut in the Premier League Fantasy League, I’m destroying my colleagues in the ESPN internal league. My goal is to finish in the top 100 worldwide.

How you and your family have adapted to Bristol: Every day in Connecticut has been a dream. My daughter and my wife couldn’t be happier. And if they are happy, I’m happy too!

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