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Special delivery: ESPN salutes Letterman

Berman salutes Letterman

ESPN’s Chris Berman was a guest on NBC’s “Late Night With David Letterman” in the early 1990s. He salutes the talk show host: “David Letterman was a beacon as he began his show, and he remains a beacon as he finishes his show. Very few people in our business can say that. Congratulations, David, on an unbelievable run. You put smiles on everyone’s faces for decades.”

Long ago, David Letterman demonstrated his love for ESPN with a telegram. Today, as Letterman says goodbye to late night television after more than 30 years and 6,000 episodes, ESPN sends the love back.

Several ESPN commentators who have been guests of Letterman’s NBC and CBS programs through the years recall their favorite moments from those experiences in the video above. In the video below, they send their salutes to Letterman. And in case you missed it, NFL Live host Trey Wingo recalled his days as an NBC page in the 1980s in this essay for Front Row.

Video produced by Samantha Baron
Allie Stoneberg, Bill Hofheimer, Diane Lamb, Tara Chozet, Jay Jay Nesheim and Jen Cingari contributed to this post

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