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Longhorn Network Turns 10: Growth and Gratitude from Some of the Launch Team

Today, Longhorn Network, ESPN’s 24-hour network devoted to the University of Texas, celebrates its 10th anniversary. A group of original “LHNers” recall some of their favorite memories and reflect how LHN has grown since its launch on August 26, 2011. 

LHN is Family

Ande Wall – Coordinating Producer

We’ve told so many important stories and have produced some incredible live events. But, for me, it’s the feeling of community.

Over the years, looking around and realizing I’m working around people that are more like family. I love showing up to work because I like my job, but I’m also excited for coffee in the break room with the “Bach Pack” (pictured, right) – a group of us that discusses The Bachelor every week (lol) – and to hear about somebody’s vacation or how a colleague’s kid did at their flag football game.

I’ve never had this before and  probably never will again, so on LHN’s 10-year anniversary, I’m carrying that feeling with me as long as I can.

Lowell Galindo – Anchor and Play-by-Play Commentator

When Mack (Brown) was the head coach, I would regularly bring my son to watch practices. We made sure to make his last practice in Austin before the team departed for his final game at the Alamo Bowl.

At one point Mack stopped the entire practice and called out my son to run a drill with him in front of the team. It ended with them both spiking footballs and doing an end zone dance. Incredible.

Andres Alvarez – Content Producer

As a University of Texas alum, 10 years ago I described the prospect of working at Longhorn Network as my “dream job”.

What stands out from my 10 years at LHN are the people. LHN is family – I don’t have to say a word for them to know what I am thinking and vice versa. We are united in our goals and pour our hearts and souls into our labor of love.

LHN has launched the careers of those in front of and behind the camera, providing an environment to learn on the run and flourish in the long run. 

As they say, time flies when you are having fun.

Growing Up

Spencer Chmiel – Remote Operations Producer

LHN is a great testing and learning ground. We were the first college network ESPN started and lessons learned at LHN helped the development of other college networks.

Because of the sheer volume of shows LHN churns out, there are always opportunities to learn new or different positions. The relationships I’ve made and the opportunities LHN provides helped me grow in ways I wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere.

Lasting Memories

Pat Lowry – Coordinating Producer II

When we got the new production truck I was fortunate enough to be the person to christen it. My first powerful swing didn’t bust the champagne bottle but the second try was a success – including denting the brand-new trailer! I hit the bottle exactly where the Lyon Video people said would be impossible to dent!

E’Van Hickmon - Producer

Andrew Jones’ (Texas basketball player) return from Leukemia holds a piece of my heart.

We covered the emotion that surrounded the diagnosis, his recovery and his setback, but on November 5, 2019 we had the opportunity to cover Jones’ return to the game he loved, almost two years after his original diagnosis.

I don’t remember the team they played nor the final score, but I do remember how proud I felt to be a part of this moment.

Kaylee Hartung – former LHN Reporter, now ABC News and GMA Correspondent

We recreated Ricky Williams’ NCAA record breaking run against Texas A&M from Thanksgiving Day 1998. My role was to play the beleaguered Texas A&M back who jumped at Ricky and desperately tried to slow him down just before the goal line. It didn’t work for that guy and it sure didn’t work for me. Ricky carried me into the endzone on his back in all his glory.

LHN was an incredible opportunity for me to do it all. Steph Druley and Ande Wall bet on me – with just two seasons of college football sideline reporting under my belt – to host, tell feature stories and report. I cannot imagine there was a better opportunity out there for me at the time. It was a chance to learn and grow in real time with the support of some of the most creative and talented people in the ESPN family. – Kaylee Hartung – former LHN Reporter, now ABC News and GMA Correspondent 

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