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Talking trophies’ travelogue

Earlier this week, two of sports’ most recognizable trophies left their home across The Pond and made an historic trip to the east coast. Front Row’s Dave Nagle was the lone U.S. reporter allowed — and quite frankly, able — to speak to the tandem. Here, in an exclusive, is what Nagle insists the Wimbledon trophies were saying after their first-ever trip out of London.

Men’s Challenge Cup: Blimey, it sure was nice to get out of town after over 100 years, and I’m glad we got to see the major sites in the States — New York City and Bristol, Conn.

Venus Rosewater Dish: Yes, and maybe they’ll take us on more trips. Our escort from home said he’s never gone through Customs so quickly!

MCC: I was flattered when they asked him our value, and he said “priceless.” Considering the Club told him not to return without us, I guess that’s true.

VRD: I enjoyed the Beach Boys concert in Central Park when we appeared on Good Morning America. A nice bit of Yankee culture. And that Robin Roberts seemed awfully nice.

MCC: And it was good to catch up with our old friends Chris Evert and John McEnroe. I always did like that bloke and they never seem to age!

VRD: I thought the best part was the white-glove treatment from ESPN security guards Amedeo Carta and Paul Daly. They protected us and handled us gently all weekend. I’m sure they enjoyed the change of pace.

MCC: I was hoping to go to the Statue of Liberty or the Bronx Zoo, but they kept us busy with private events for Wimbledon’s Official Suppliers — a party with Rolex, and a rooftop Lanson champagne event in the evening.

VRD: The view of Manhattan was even better than what our folks see from the London Eye! Then there was the photo shoot on Saturday. It was great to meet actor Terence Stamp there. Finally someone in America without an accent! And how about the swanky room at the Waldorf to relax in after all that? We sure got a welcome fit for royalty.

MCC: The ride to Bristol reminded me of the English countryside, at least from what I’ve seen of it on the telly. But it sure was strange to be driving on the wrong side of the road.

VRD: And we felt right at home there on the grass court at the ESPN Campus. I think I even saw someone eating Strawberries and Cream. [Editor’s note: That was Nagle.]

MCC: That Patrick McEnroe chap seemed as nice as his brother.

VRD: And I was impressed when Mary Joe Fernandez did an interview in Spanish for ESPN Deportes.

MCC: I just wish they let us chat with fans on Patrick and Mary Joe handled all the questions.

VRD: Did you see that Otis testing tower? I was gobsmacked. It’s taller than Big Ben. . . there must be quite a lift in there!

MCC: At least the weather was beautiful. Didn’t need my brolly once.

VRD: We’ll have to remember Bristol when we next go on holiday.

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