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ESPN Deportes and ESPN in Latin America mark ‘Ladies Week’ with special SportsCenters

(L-R) Adriana Monsalve, Carolina Guillen and Carolina Padron. (ESPN)
(L-R) Adriana Monsalve, Carolina Guillén and Carolina Padron. (ESPN)

ESPN Deportes and ESPN in Latin America are in the midst of SportsCenter Semana de Mujer – “Ladies Week” – an initiative that has been a part of the nightly 11 p.m. ET SportsCenter telecasts from Mexico City.

This marks the fourth consecutive year the networks have celebrated “Ladies Week,” which was started with the purpose of supporting breast cancer awareness month. Through SportsCenter’s female talent, the networks highlight the roles women play in sports today. The ESPN Deportes anchors provide daily news, analysis and special interviews. Two of the hosts of Ladies Week, Adriana Monsalve and Carolina Guillén, shared their thoughts:

How does it feel to collaborate with ESPN colleagues from different parts of the world?
CG: When the time comes to come to ESPN Mexico for a week, I have an amazing time because you get to spend time with very talented people behind the scenes. You get to witness how a very important location of our company works. It is impressive to see the work the crew and production teams get done and the product they put together.

If you could switch places with a female athlete for one day, who would it be and why?
CG: I would love to switch places with Serena Williams because there are many things about her I find interesting. For example, the air of invincibility that she emanates and the fact the world recognizes her as the standard for a sport and a generation. I also admire her relationship with her sister, Venus because I have a similar relationship with my siblings.

What would be the best advice you would give to women looking to develop sports careers?
AM: To be in constant professional development, to study every day and learn something related to sports daily. Appearances are important, but they can’t be the priority.

What are the efforts of Ladies Week in order to create breast cancer awareness?
AM: We advise women to be very attentive of their health, promote at-home tests; no one knows your body better than yourself. Anyone could be a victim of this disease.

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