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LHN anchor to step in as a reporter for X Games Austin

Lowell Galindo (Scott Clarke/ESPN Images)
Lowell Galindo
(Scott Clarke/ESPN Images)


Longhorn Network anchor Lowell Galindo has spent the last five years reporting on nearly every sporting event that has happened at The University of Texas in Austin. A former ESPNU host, Galindo’s day-to-day reporting is focused on baseball, football, basketball and other “conventional” sports, but not this week.

With X Games Austin in town, Galindo is diving head first into the world of action sports to learn as much as he can before the multi-day event kicks off tomorrow on ESPN (8:30 p.m. ET).

A first-timer at the X Games, Galindo has been prepping in between his daily LHN assignments, learning about the events and the athletes he will cover during both the Men’s and Women’s Skateboard Street and the BMX Dirt competitions.

He spoke with Front Row about his preparation for the X Games:

What are you taking a break from at LHN to cover X Games?
Today, LHN is covering the Texas men in Eugene, Ore., as they vie for their fourth NCAA golf title and second in five years. After the baseball team’s season ended in the Big 12 tournament, we will primarily cover track and field next week. Our studio schedule is winding down for the academic year so the timing is perfect.

X Games Austin 2015 Skateboard Street (Nick Guise-Smith/ESPN Images)
X Games Austin 2015 Skateboard Street
(Nick Guise-Smith/ESPN Images)

How do you prepare for X Games in comparison to a baseball or football season for LHN?
It’s very different because whereas I’m ingrained in the culture of baseball and football, X Games is entirely new to me. Beyond learning who the athletes are, I’ve honestly spent a lot of time learning what the sports are first and foremost.

Who has been the biggest help to you in getting ready for this assignment?
Vince Castellanos [X Games’ research manager] and his research team are amazing. Beyond their knowledge and willingness to help, their passion for the sports they cover is unrivaled.

Have you participated in any action sports?
I’m new to the action sports scene. The closest thing to it would be skiing. I’m from San Antonio, but my family took frequent trips to the Rockies growing up. I was always a bit of a daredevil…My friends and I probably created a few action sports of our own on the street of our neighborhood, but unfortunately, the stuff we did never really caught on to a mainstream audience.

Did you have a favorite X Games athlete growing up?
I grew up playing baseball, so most of my favorites are ballplayers. My favorite athletes in a sport closest to an action sport would be skiers Tommy Moe and Picabo Street. For a kid from Texas, I got to the Rockies as much as I could and have always loved to ski. If I hopped on a skateboard, I would quickly fall off.

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