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Childhood friends Mitrani, Pastrana reconnect for X Games Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS – This year’s X Games features host Jack Mitrani alongside several fresh faces who will be joining him as analysts and on-air contributors.

One of those faces is Mitrani’s childhood friend and eight-time X Games medalist Lyn-z Pastrana. The two were even roommates at one point in their younger days, and are happy to reconnect again at X Games Minneapolis.

One of the most influential and accomplished female skateboarders in X Games history, Pastrana is no stranger to performing daring feats. However, despite all of that experience competing in past games, she’ll soon face her most challenging role yet: being an on-air analyst for Women’s Skateboard Park and Street competitions.

In anticipation of her analyst debut, Pastrana told Mitrani that she is still adjusting to her new role: “It’s definitely scarier being on the microphone rather than competing. I’m nervous about this whole talking on camera thing, but I couldn’t be happier to be here at U.S. Bank Stadium for X Games Minneapolis. Having everything indoors is such a huge factor and will be great for the athletes so that they can focus on their runs, rather than the elements.”

Check out Mitrani’s interview with Pastrana above.

Pastrana makes her on-air debut Friday, July 14, covering the Women’s Skateboard Street Finals on ESPN3 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

ESPN and ABC will televise a combined 18.5 hours of live X Games Minneapolis 2017 coverage beginning Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN. Follow the action Thursday through Sunday and visit for more information.

Samantha Baron produced the video above.

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